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Leslie is a UKCP registered psychotherapist who has over twenty years of experience of working with young people and their families. She believes that privileged youths are different in some ways from other young people and has devoted many years to researching the special challenges which privileged adolescents face at home and at school. With this in mind, she is now a doctoral student at Metanoia Institute, Middlesex University.

In her many years as a therapist, Leslie has specialised in the treatment of the psychological symptoms which are typical in this population: depression, anxiety, self-harm, and substance abuse. She created CYPPE in the hope that the organisation will help her to illuminate the personal, historical, and socio-cultural issues

Leslie Lund is the founder of CYPPE and was its first presenter during the initial conference.

within this subpopulation. She also believes CYPPE members have the opportunity to make valuable contributions to public debate about wealth, privilege and society. Most importantly, CYPPE will provide a creative opportunity for mental health professionals to collaborate in the development of more specific therapeutic interventions to support the mental health of privileged youths.

In 2004, Leslie founded the Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative (SCPI), a professional members organisation which provides collegial support and professional development opportunities for 55 therapists in private practice. She co-founded the Dorking and District Mental Health Project, which provides a range of mental health support services and counselling for the Dorking community. Leslie is also a supervisor for several school counsellors, and she provides information and mental health workshops for parents, schools and communities. 

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