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Welcome to CYPPE,
the organisation dedicated to learning more about the lives of privileged, but pressured,
young people.

When we speak of disadvantaged children, we usually mean children who exist in poverty or those who suffer some sort of specific abuse or neglect.

But children whose lives are economically privileged, who are born into loving and supportive families and are coached to achieve, are not often identified as disadvantaged. In fact, they seem to have it all: the best education, medical care and material environments. Most of us imagine these children can live their dreams.

Of course, there is no doubt these children can suffer instances of hidden abuse or neglect like any other children, but they also grow within a rarefied world that is sometimes not as benevolent as it seems. Wealth – and with it, the pressure to succeed – can wreak havoc on a young person's emotional development, and as a result, instances of depression, self-harm, anxiety disorders and suicide are all increasing in this elite population.

CYPPE is dedicated to exploring the multiple factors that influence the mental health of privileged youths, and we will search for effective methods of combatting the stress they suffer. Annual conferences will provide opportunities for concerned professionals to collaborate, and we will, together, initiate research projects which will explore the many psychological, social and economic consequences of growing up in a world of wealth and privilege.

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